Valluvan Tamil Volunteers are organizing an emergency response team to help with those who are in need during this critical time.

What you do in case of an emergency?

In case of a life-Threatening Emergency, please call 911

How/What Can we help?

As this effort is organized and run by 100% volunteers, we are limited by what we can do. However, here are the list of things that we are planning to do:

  • Bring Medicine/Food and Groceries to your home – for those families who are unable to do them (due to self quarantine)
  • Help with Emergency Travel needs
  • Help with Communication needs

Who can get help from us ?

Preference will be given to the following folks:

  • Anyone who is in affected by COVID
  • Any Family who is in self quarantine
  • Any family / individual who is a high risk to get affected by COVID (Illness / and who are in medication)
  • Anyone who is elderly and single

How to reach Valluvan Tamil Volunteers?

Phone: ‪(571) 535-4595‬

Information from Government

What you need to do to be prepared?

Stock up the following items for at least 2-3 weeks:

  • Non-Perishable items
    • Rice, Dal, Oil
    • Salt, Sugar or Sugar-Substitute(s)
    • Coffee/Tea (for those who absolutely need!!)
    • Soup Packs, Apple Sauces, Easy to eat food (for anyone who may be sick in the house during the lockdown period)
    • Peanut Butter, Jelly (for Kid’s sandwich)
    • oat meal / breakfast serials
    • Dry nuts & fruits
  • Medical Supplies
    • Please contact your Health Care Provider Ahead of time for any prescription medicine needs)
  • Household items to keep your hand & home clean
    • Cleaning supplies (Clothes detergent, Dishwashing liquid)
    • Hand Sanitizers
  • Medicine & Food needs for Pets (if you have Pets at Home)
  • Cash in Hand (for any emergency)
    • to handle a week expense
  • Gas / Charge
    • Full tank of Gas in Car / Full charge in Electric Car
    • Electronic Items (like cell phone, laptops) – Charge fully

How Can you be part of e911 effort ?

  • Financial Aid – to purchase necessary items needed to be used in the effort
  • Be a Co-ordinator for your region – to call volunteers to deliver necessary items to the needy folks
  • Technology help – to be able to improve web-site/email/notification process.

Please send us an email to with how you can help us.