Our registration for the 2021-2022 school year is OPEN NOW! The board has decided to bring forward the unused fee from this year as COVID Discount for 2020-2021 existing students who are enrolling for 2021-2022 school year. The current plan is to operate online until January 2022. We will plan to move to in-person learning after January 2022 subject to conditions and facility availability at that time. School fees for 2021/2022 year will be $230 per student and early bird promotion will be $180 per student.  All 2020-2021 existing students will receive a $80 COVID REBATE deduction in the fee. The early bird promotion will end on July 15th 2021 and the registration will be closed as of August 15th 2021. After August 15th, all registrations will be waitlisted and students will be admitted based on class and teacher availability. 

 Early Bird
May 01 – July 15
July 16 – August 15
Fee Structure 2021/2022180230
Less COVID Discount8080
Fee for Existing Students 100150
New Students (No discount)180230

During Registration, Parents can select either Morning session (10.30 AM to 12.30 PM) for Jr. Mazhalai to Nilai 5 OR Afternoon session (1.30 PM to 3.30 PM)  for Jr. Mazhalai to Nilai 7. Slots are filled as ‘first come first serve basis’ since the limit is 400 students per session.

Due to an update to VALLUVAN TAMIL ACADEMY PARENT COMMITMENT AND PRIVACY AGREEMENT, the auto enrollment feature is not available.  Please sign into my valluvan and complete the registration process as provided here.  We also request you to check and update your personal and student information. Your registration only completes after the payment. 

In case you decide to withdraw after making the payment, a withdrawal request (for Refund policy click here) needs to be emailed to

If you need any further assistance or questions, please contact


Valluvan Tamil Academy – Tamil Fair about கீழடி

Language is not just a medium for communication. Language conveys the culture and history of the community it comes from.

Every language reflects a unique world-view with its own value systems, philosophy and particular cultural features. The extinction of a language results in the irrecoverable loss of unique cultural knowledge embodied in it for centuries, including historical, spiritual and ecological knowledge that may be essential for the survival of not only its speakers, but also countless others. The most important thing that can be done to keep a language from disappearing is to create favorable conditions for its speakers to speak the language and teach it to their children. 

Valluvan Tamil Academy is dedicated to teaching the Tamil language to children in the United States.  Volunteer-run, the school is based in Northern Virginia. The school’s primary activities revolve around our weekly classes, which are held on Saturdays from 10:30am – 12:30pm (morning session) and 01:30pm – 03:30pm (afternoon session). In addition, our volunteers also organize and promote activities and events that provide the students with a forum to demonstrate and apply their in-class learning. Please refer to the calendar section for class locations and upcoming events.

வள்ளுவன் தமிழ் மையத்தை பற்றி ஒரு சிறு தொகுப்பு

Valluvan Tamil School Facebook Page

வணக்கம். வள்ளுவன் தமிழ் மையத்தின் இணையத் தளத்திற்கு வருக!

மொழி என்பது வெறும் தொடர்புக்கான ஊடகம் மட்டுமன்று. அது ஒரு இனத்தின் வரலாற்று அடையாளம். கலாச்சாரத்தின் வெளிப்பாடு. சிந்தனையின் திறவுகோல்.

பல்வேறு இனங்கள் ஒன்றுகூடி வாழும் அயலகச் சூழலிலும் தம் மொழியினை, வேர்களை, அதன் தொன்மையை குழந்தைகள் அறிந்திருப்பது இன்றியமையாதது என்று எண்ணும் அமெரிக்க வடக்கு வர்ஜீனியா பகுதியில் தன்னார்வலர்கள் சிலர் இணைந்து தமிழ் மொழிப் பள்ளி அமைத்துக் குழந்தைகளுக்குத் தமிழ் கற்றுக் கொடுத்து வருகிறோம். அத்துடன் பல்வேறு பண்பாட்டு முயற்சிகளை முன்னெடுத்து வருகிறோம். தமிழில் ஆர்வம் கொண்ட அனைவரையும் வள்ளுவன் தமிழ் மையம் வரவேற்கிறது. பள்ளிக்கு திரும்பும் மற்றும் புதிதாய் இணையும் அனைவரையும் வரவேற்கிறோம்

வள்ளுவன் தமிழ் மையம் – வரவேற்புக் காணொளியை இங்கே காணவும்.