1. Login into https://my.valluvantamil.org/ using your existing credentials.
  2. Click on 2024 – 2025 Registration icon as shown below.
  1. A new page will open up (Allow pop up blocker) as shown below:
    • For new student registration, go ahead and start filling out the registration form.
    • For existing student registration, click on LOGIN on the left menu with your my.valluvan credentials and all the information will get pre-populated.
  1. Once you are at the registration, enter all the necessary information – Parent Information, Address and Each Student Information. Please note for existing students all of the data will get pre-populated, if you see it blank that means you have not logged back in from this page.
  1. You need to “ADD” each child you are registering separately. Do not forget to click on the checkbox “Enroll for 2024-2025 school year” and then type all of the information of the student as shown below: (Tamil Name is mandatory, School Grade is the child’s county school grade and session you wish to enroll in)
  1. Repeat Step 5 for each of the child you are planning to register. Please note – you will not be able to ADD another child after the registration is complete in this invoice. It will be a new registration for the second child and sibling discount will not get applied. Hence, DO NOT FORGET TO ADD ALL STUDENTS!!!!
  2. Please read the Student Code of Conduct and Parents Consent Form. Scroll to the end of the PDF and then write enrolling parents name and click NEXT.
  1. Next step, Review all entries once again and then CHECKOUT.
  1. Next is PAYMENT. Pay via Paypal. Only after payment through Paypal, your registration is complete. Students will be assigned to Classes only after payment is complete.

Please note after payment completion, a withdrawal request (for Refund policy click here) needs to be emailed to help@valluvantamil.org.