Valluvan Tamil Academy – Classes going online from Saturday 3/14/2020

Dear VTA family,
We are happy to announce that due to the hardwork and speedy help from our core volunteer team we are able to provide ONLINE TEACHING classes to all of our VTA students. Thank you to the core volunteer team! We have chosen *ZOOM* as our tool of choice for the online teaching.
We had a great training session with all Nilai teachers this evening – Thank you all teachers for your selfless service to our VTA family and sincerely appreciate all the extra effort you will be putting to get the online teaching to our students during this difficult time.
*We will be starting online classes from tomorrow Saturday 3/14/2020 for all Nilai’s*. As we all know this is a new thing we are doing, hence we ask the cooperation of our parents tomorrow to be with their kids and help them through the setup process. We are also including a link here which provides basic tips to ensure a smooth attendee experience. Please go through this before the meeting with the kids –
*Please look for an email from your class teacher – sample email shown below. Please follow instructions in the email – for parents using a tablet or phones, you would need to download the ZOOM APP. * [image: image.png]
If you experience any issues during the session please send your enquiries to * <>* and someone from the team will respond to help solve your issue.
Thank you all for your understanding/cooperation and look forward to setting the trend of conducting online classes in our community – hoping for a successful first start tomorrow.
Regards Valluvan Tamil Academy