Activities / செயல்பாடுகள்

Valluvan Tamil Academy’s volunteers have been teaching Tamil to children in the Northern Virginia region for many years. Tamil Classes are conducted in the weekends for children ages 4 and above. Based on the age and Tamil proficiency of the children, various levels of classes are organized and offered.

For the current school year, Valluvan Tamil Academy teaches about 400 children in 8 different levels of classes. Every week the classes are conducted for 2 hours. Valluvan Tamil Academy follows ATA (American Tamil Academy) curriculum and TVA (Tamil Virtual Academy, Chennai) course material and focuses on appearing for TVA exams as one of the goals. In addition to the American Tamil Academy lessons, various group activities and teaching techniques using multimedia (including Tamil Virtual Academy website) have been employed to engage children in learning Tamil. 

As per ATA guidelines, children should be knowledgeable to master TVA basic module and pass the exam after finishing ATA level 3. Last year, VTA volunteers have coached about 20 children in level 3 to pass TVA basic exam. For the current year similar goals have been established. The children who already earned TVA basic level certification are on a two-year curriculum path in appearing for TVA intermediate exam.

In addition to Tamil education, Valluvan Tamil Academy volunteers have been working with the Greater Washington Tamil Sangam (in the Washington DC metro area) for the children to participate in Tamil activities and competitions such as Thirukkural competition, Tamil singing competition. VTA also organizes various cultural and educational activities as well as competitions for the Tamil students.

Valluvan Tamil Academy volunteers are also contributing volunteers to American Tamil Academy. They actively participate in ATA meetings to design curriculum, lessons and text books.

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Valluvan Tamil Academy (VTA) is a charitable,non-profit, secular organization established in Virginia, primarily to teach Tamil language to the children.